Investing made easy

Use my app to build your own ETF or stocks portfolio, backtest it for up to 100 years, and follow it!


Having an investment plan is a must!


Design your portfolio based on built-in strategies

You need a plan to invest successfully! In System Trader there are over 40 ready-to-use strategies, both passive and active, for ETFs and individual stocks.



Test your portfolio for up to 100 years!

Quickly backtest your strategy using built-in historical data for up to 100 years. No special skills are required. Evidence-based, not story-based decisions.


Invest following a plan rather than emotions

Use an evidence-based decision-making process to avoid behavioral biases and errors. All you have to do is follow the plan. Same data, same decisions!

Use built-in portfolios created by famous money managers.

Or create your own.

You Might Be Wondering...

What are the technical requirements?

You need a computer running on Windows 8/10 (64-bit) + Internet connection.

Is it for me?

#ST is an excellent tool for all those who don’t want to follow markets daily as you can build a long-term portfolio that can require as little as just a few minutes per month to follow it.

How to use strategies in the real market?

Apart from very extensive backtesting, the application allows you to monitor your portfolio in real-time and generate signals.

How to get market data?

The application has built-in historical data going back over 100 years. In addition, you have access to data from over 70 exchanges around the world.

Thousands of years of human evolution in the savannahs of Africa have not prepared us to trade Amazon and Google stocks, interest rates, commodities or other financial instruments. Many correct investment decisions are contrary to our daily life intuition and experience.

Meb Faber (System Trader Show, ep. 16)

Meet Jack.

In 2018, Jack Lempart launched the System Trader Show podcast, in which he presents practical, proven, and verifiable methods of investing in capital markets. He reaches distinguished and recognized experts all over the world.

Jack has a master's degree in computer science, and he has been a professional programmer for over 15 years, working for such companies as Motorola and IBM. In 2007, he started his adventure with capital markets.

Expertise in computer science and knowledge in investing allows him to work on a unique project for investors – System Trader (#ST) software. His ambition is to present a practical approach to investing based on facts and numbers rather than conspiracy theories, guesses, and predicting the future.

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