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Kevin Davey is a full-time professional algorithmic trader, specialising mostly in futures. Using his trading systems he generated annual returns of 148%, 107% and 112% in three consecutive World Cup of Futures Trading Championships.

Today we discuss various trading topics, including the reliable trading system development process, so that developed systems may look good not only on the past data.

Enjoy the show!

In this episode

  • Kevin’s path to become a full-time algo trader
  • Biggest mistakes he made on his way to professional trading
  • World Cup Championship of Futures Trading Triumph
  • Why Kevin decided to be a systematic trader rather than discretionary
  • What is Kevin’s current trading approach
  • Which markets and timeframe he trades
  • Reliable development process for new strategies
  • How to find trading ideas
  • What is so-called incubation period
  • Diversification vs. position sizing
  • Kevin’s view on long-term trend following approach

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  1. Thanks for this interview!
    Please note that the two recommeded literature points to the same link than the Van Tharp ‘Guide’ instead of proper links.

  2. Hello Jack,

    this is just a quick feedback for your show and especially this interview: You did a good job! – I follow Kevin’s output (books, webinars, interviews) for some time now, and I can say in this interview here are a few golden nuggets he did not disclose too often.

    Looking forward to future episodes of your podcast!

    You’ve got a new subscriber here! – πŸ˜‰

    Cheers from Germany

    • Hello RenΓ©,

      Thanks for the good words. I’m very glad to hear that you liked the interview. πŸ™‚

      Kind regards,

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