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I’m honored and pleased to host Tom Basso again in the podcast — a legendary trend-following trader. This time, in the background of the conversation, we will be accompanied by the book “Trend Following Mindset,” where Larry Hite wrote in the review: “Anyone can make a lot of money without the trend following mindset, but you will never keep it. This mindset is not everything, but it’s pretty close.

In this episode, Tom and I discuss many topics related to investing in the market. You will hear about algorithmic investing, psychology’s role, and a passive approach to investing in opposition to active. It will also be about why intelligence does not go hand in hand with investment results.

In this episode

  • How does Tom see a happy retirement?
  • “Trend Following Mindset” — the latest book by Michael Covel
  • Is psychology an essential part of sound investing, even if it’s a purely systematic, algorithmic driven approach?
  • Difference Between Momentum and Trend Following
  • How to know when a strategy needs to be repaired?
  • Is IQ correlated with investment results?
  • Passive vs. active investing revisited

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