Design your own portfolio

Having an investment plan is a must!

Don’t invest without a clear plan or based on emotions. Design your own strategy, verify it and apply!


AboutTechnical requirements

WARNING System Trader software is being very actively developed hence some technical issues may appear from time to time. All of them will be addressed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🙂


The software allows you quickly to build an investment portfolio meeting your requirements and expectations. Once you build a portfolio, you can instantly test it for many years backwards.

Technical requirements

Windows (64-bit) and access to the Internet. In order to run in on a macOS please use the Parallels Desktop for Mac.


In System Trader software, you may find many built-in passive portfolios or build your own one. There are also active strategies, and the new ones are on the way. In any case, the software is mostly meant for investors using ETFs and/or stocks.

  • Global Equities Momentum (GEM)
  • Advanced Equity Momentum
  • 60/40
  • Global 60/40
  • All Seasons (Ray Dalio)
  • Risk Parity (Meb Faber)
  • Permanent (Harry Browne)
  • Global Permanent (Harry Browne)
  • Global Market Portfolio (GMP)
  • Global Asset Allocation (GAA)
  • Rob Arnott
  • Marc Faber
  • Talmud
  • Andrew Tobias
  • 7Twelve (Craig Israelson)
  • No Brainer Portfolio (William Bernstein)
  • Ivy Portfolio
  • Mohamed El-Erian
  • Warren Buffett
  • David Swensen
  • Eliminate Fat Tails Portfolio (Larry Swedroe)
  • …and more are on the way! 🙂


How to get market data?
In System Trader, you have built-in historical data for the most common asset classes. You can also import free data from Yahoo and Stooq (ETFs, mutual funds, stocks). If you have data in a text file or Metastock format, it can be loaded into the software as well. For American and Australian stock market System Trader supports Norgate premium paid data.
WARNING There’s no guarantee as for the quality and availability of data from the free sources like Yahoo.

To who is the software dedicated?
System Trader software is an excellent tool for all those who don’t want to follow markets daily as you can build a long-term portfolio which can require as little as just a few minutes per month to run it.

How far in history, you can test strategies?
It depends on the market, but some portfolios can be tested even for more than 100 years.

How much does it cost?
System Trader is now absolutely free as it’s in the beta testing.

Which financial instruments may be used with the strategies from System Trader?
Most of the strategies (portfolios) are working best with ETF (Exchange Traded Funds). For active strategies, you may also use individual stocks.

Version history

17/07/2020 0.9.1 beta version


Download System Trader

  • Design your portfolio based on the built-in strategies
  • Adjust strategies to meet your needs
  • Test portfolio on historical data
  • Get recent market data from free sources
  • Invest following a plan rather than emotions


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