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Just Keep Buying – that’s what Nick Maggiulli suggests when it comes to investing in his book. And it’s an excellent book because it treats investing straightforwardly and practically. Using hard data, Nick debunks myths in personal finance and investing. He answers questions, presents solutions, and gives effective ways to build wealth.

The problem of poor financial awareness in society results largely from the poor quality of education.

Education that discourages, not encourages. It complicates, not simplifies. Because of this, it reaches a small percentage of people. People are locked in their bubbles, where everyone supposedly knows what ETF, TER, SWR, maxDD, Sharpe, CAGR, etc. are.

This book is written in simple language, without unnecessary use of “expert” jargon. It takes into account the fact that the average person is NOT interested in the nuances of investing.

The book explains why there’s nothing wrong with it. At the same time, it shows with specific examples why investing is an important topic for each of us, even though we were never taught it in schools.

It proves that you don’t need to get a doctorate, and once a simple action plan in this area is set up, it can literally serve you for the rest of your life.

Notably, the book does not express empty opinions but presents hard facts and evidence based in data.

I strongly recommend it. 🙂👍

In this episode

✅ How does Nick invest his money?
✅ Why can we invest less than we think?
✅ Is saving for the poor and investing for the rich?
✅ FIRE, or what does Nick think about striving for financial independence?
✅ The relationship between happiness and money
✅ What and how to invest?
✅ About waiting for dips in the stock market and luck in investing

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