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It happens very often that we work because we don’t see any alternatives. Our job may be annoying as hell, we may even hate it, but the reality seems like we don’t have any other options. We have a mortgage, we have a family to maintain, or our qualifications aren’t allowing us to do something new. So we don’t dare to do something new, and we don’t have a plan, we’re just drifting — day by day.

My guest, Paul Novell, talks in this episode how he decided to live the life he wants to live. He left the semiconductor industry, a well-paid job at around 40, to pursue a more independent life. Already since 2006, his primary source of income is from investments.

I discuss with Paul many investment topics. It’s interesting to learn how Paul was maturing over the years, how he switched slowly from discretionary dividend investing towards quantitative and tactical asset allocation investment systems.

In this episode

  • Why did Paul decide to early retirement?
  • Is there any recipe for a happy retirement?
  • How to make the emotional aspect of retirement investing easier and increase the chances of success?
  • What are Paul’s goals in terms of yearly returns and maximum drawdowns?
  • The main priciples of dividend investing
  • Is it worth picking individual stocks?
  • What is a market anomaly?
  • How to avoid data mining when modelling the markets?
  • Can we still treat bonds as safe heaven?

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