Meb Faber is a co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. His speciality is quant investing. Meb is the host of The Meb Faber Show podcast and has authored numerous white papers and books. He is a frequent speaker and writer on investment strategies and has been featured in Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The New Yorker.

In this episode, we talk why you need an investment plan, why the systematic approach is helping to have a better decision-making process, how to behave in the period of a market crash, is dividend investing a right approach for most of us, and many other topics. Only practical knowledge, no-nonsense theory.

In this episode

  • Meb’s career and investment experience
  • How being a quant investor helps in a better decision-making process?
  • Is investing more a science or an art?
  • Why is Meb more focused on a broad, macro view, rather than individual stocks?
  • How is Meb investing his own money?
  • Dividend investing
    • What may a company decide to do with its profits?
    • Why dividend investing is so popular among people?
    • Is chasing a dividend a reasonable strategy?
    • How to extend a dividend-yield approach to investing?
  • Why is a globally diversified portfolio a must?
  • How to behave when market crashes?
  • How to hedge our portfolio against market crashes?
  • Short-term vs. long-term investing
  • Are ETFs working as expected during market stress?
  • What Meb thinks about ESG

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