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Today’s guest is Grzegorz Link, who professionally works as a quant for an investment fund. Grzegorz is a physicist by education, which may surprise some. However, the thing is that in building market models, skills such as programming and mathematics are the primary tools, which is the same for contemporary physicists.

We raise many interesting issues during the conversation, trying to answer the question – how is it possible that a well-known investment strategy can still be profitable. You will learn about common investment myths, pitfalls, and difficulties awaiting investors.

In this episode

  • Who is Grzegorz, and what does he do professionally?
  • Intelligence does not necessarily go hand in hand with investment performance
  • Can an algorithm help you make decisions?
  • Active Investing vs. passive
  • Factor Investing (Factors)
  • Can the market be beaten?
  • The skewness of Returns (for Dummies)
  • Risk and uncertainty
  • Why can a well-known strategy still be profitable?
  • Are cryptocurrencies a speculative bubble?

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